Popular Hashtags for Beer

Beer is one popular drink. People love to enjoy beer with their friends. It is always interesting to catch up and have a conversation with friends over some beer. When it comes to that time and you would like to share those moments, these are the popular hashtags to use:


Quite simple and straight to the point. It just says “I’m having beer.”


If you want to show a little love for the beer you are having at that moment, then you should use this hashtag.


Not everyone who has beer actually does because they love beer. Some people just do it for no particular reason. But if you are actually one who loves beer, then you should use this hashtag.


If you taking beer that is quite popular among other Instagram users, then you can use this hashtag to show it. There are certain beers that Instagram users often take and this hashtag just shows that the beer is an “Instagram beer”. It will create curiosity and other Instagram users who haven’t tasted it will be drawn to it.


In case you are a beer enthusiast and you like trying out the different brands of beer, then this hashtag is useful for you. It will help you get more followers who have beer related questions and would like advice on the best brands of beer to take.


When you are having fun with your girlfriends and want to share the moments with your followers, then you should use this hashtag. The accompanying photo should be a group selfie with everybody holding their beer and toasting to each other.


When you are hanging around your guys and you are having some beer, you should use this hashtag. You’ll be surprised about the number of likes and the new followers you will receive.


You’ve probably met or have friends who know anything and everything about beer. Given the right opportunity, they would even venture into making their own brand of beer. If you have such friends or you are geeky about beer, then this hashtag is just for you.


This hashtag is useful when you want to appreciate well-crafted beer.


Are you a beer lover and proud about it? Then this hashtag is just for you. You can use this hashtag to show your love and appreciation for beer.


In case you are having a lager, then this will be the ideal hashtag to use.


When you have had the opportunity to attend a beer festival, then you should use this hashtag to portray exactly that. Have photos of the festival and use the hashtag to accompany the photos.


This hashtag is especially popular among beer enthusiasts and professionals who have opportunities to do beer tasting.

Popular Instagram Beer Hashtags

Please note that Instagram only allows 30 Hashtags for each post so pick wisely when choosing your hashtags.

#beer #beers #beerific #beerme #beerlove #beergeek #beernerd #lovebrew #hophead #craftbeer #beercraft #öl #beerporn #serveca #biera #ilovebeer #beerenthusiast  #craftbeerlover #brew #doppelbock #ibeer #brewery #lovebeer #beersofinstagram


Days dedicated to beer

  • January 24th: Beer can appreciation day
  • February 24th: World bartender day
  • March 27th: Michael Jackson (the famous beer critic and author of books about beer) day
  • April 7th: National beer day
  • April 23rd: German beer day
  • May 7th: National home-brew day
  • August 2nd: International beer day

With so many days dedicated to beer, you cannot miss an opportunity to celebrate well-crafted beer.

Hashtags for Beer Festivals


#oktoberfest #oktoberfest2020



Oregon Brewers Festival


Hashtags for Beer Brands

Mill Street Brewery

#millstreetbrewery #millstbrewery #millstreetmoment

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