We have curated a list of hashtags for cats to help you with your social media scheduling and to connect with others across social media who love cats

The relationship between humans and cats has been symbiotic since the beginning of time. So it comes as no surprise that there are over a million #cat posts on Instagram. Cats are tiny yet cute and there is no better way to get more Instagram followers but by sharing your amazing cat photos.

Here are some of the most popular hashtags for cats:

General Cat Related Hashtags

If you are looking to capture a wide audience and get traction with the general cat lover, these are the cat hashtags for you.

It may sound like such a simple hashtag yet it is an important one. When sharing your cat photos, you should always use these hashtags.

General Instagram Hashtags for Cats

There is a lot of competition among cat lovers on Instagram. If you want to be outstanding why don’t you brand your cat as the cat of Instagram? Your followers and potential followers will love it.

#Cat #Cats #Catofinstagram #InstagramCats


Some people who have cats for pets have a whole page dedicated to their cats. If you are one such cat lover, then this is the hashtag you need to be using for your cat’s official Instagram page.


This hashtag is quite funny yet very real. It’s the actual sound that a cat produces and just by reading it, someone can already hear a cat’s voice next to his or her ears. It is quite a natural hashtag that you need to be using.


People often refer to cats as kitties. Well, they are tiny, cute and you just want to hold them and cuddle them in your arms. So instead of going for the simple #Cat hashtag, you can use this one.


You know it and everyone knows it. Cats are cute. This hashtag is just to highlight your cat’s cuteness.


If you are petting a cat, then you should use this hashtag to actually say so. When you have a photo of a cat, it could be anyone’s cat. But with this hashtag, you are showing ownership of the cat.


If you are petting a number of cats, then you can use this hashtag for a specific cat every day.


Who doesn’t love kittens? They are such tiny little things. Use this hashtag to celebrate your kittens and your kitten love.

#Cateye/ #Cateyes

There is something about a cat’s eyes. When there stare at a person, it’s like they see right through you. Appreciate your cat’s eyes with these hashtags.


If you love cats, whether you have one or not, you should definitely be using this hashtag to show your love.


Do you have a partner who loves cats as much as you do? Then this would be the perfect hashtag for you to not only show your love for each other but also for cats.


Usually, cats give birth to quite a number of kittens. You can use this hashtag to show your journey in taking care of the kittens.


This is the perfect hashtag to show the joys and challenges of taking care of kittens.

Types Of Cats

Ginger Cats Hashtags

If your cat has ginger fur, try these hashtags to connect with other Ginger Cat owners and lovers:

#GingerCats #organgecats #GingerCat #GingerTabby #orangetabby

Days dedicated to cats

  • February 17th: World cat day

June 4th: Hug Your Cat Day – #HugYourCatDay

Hug Your Cat Day, sometimes referenced as National Hug Your Cat Day, is an unofficial holiday celebrated on June 4 where cat owners are encouraged to give their cat that little extra attention they desire.

  • August 17th: National black cat appreciation day
  • October 16th: National feral cat day
  • October 29th: National cat day, US

You have so many opportunities to celebrate your cat. Use them.

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