Popular Hashtags for Dogs - Hashtag Definitions

Top #Dog Hashtags on Instagram and Twitter in 2020

If you’re new to social media and you’d love to share your love for dogs, we have curated a list of hashtags for dogs. Copy and paste them into your posts before you post on Instagram. 

All over Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, we are bombarded daily by cute photos of dogs. Many dog lovers and keepers love to share their dog ownership experiences. This also includes famous celebrities who don’t shy away from sharing amazing photos of their dogs. If you are a dog lover and you have a dog for a pet, then these are the hashtags for dogs you should be using:

General Dog Lover Hashtags

  • #Doglover

If you love your dog, then you must use this hashtag frequently, if not every day to show love for your pet and keep his tail wagging.

  • #Doglovers

Are you a couple and both of you love dogs? Then this hashtag is perfect for you. You can highlight your love for your dog accompanied by a photo of both of you and your dog. You will definitely get a lot of likes from this.

  • #Puppylove

If you’ve just welcomed a new puppy into your home, using a hashtag to show your love on social media is the way to go. A love for puppies is universal, and where better to showcase that, then on your social media feed? Or, if you happen to know anyone who isn’t the biggest fan of dogs, or perhaps on the fence about the subject, this surely will throw them over the edge. 

  • #Dog

While you might think your dog is the best looking, good-est boy in the world, everyone knows it doesn’t count unless you can demonstrate that. This hashtag is generic, yet effective. Use it to describe your dog; what they look like, what they’re good at, or even their favourite treat. 

  • #Cutedog

Dogs are cute: another universal fact. And as a dog owner, it’s practically your responsibility to show that to the world. If you believe your dog is a cute one, you can most definitely use this hashtag to appreciate him or her. A simple photo of a cute pup can lift the spirits of yourself and those around you, so what are you waiting for? If your dog is cutie, start spreading the news! Don’t shy away from showing off your cute dog.

  • #Cutedogs

In case you have more than just one dog, then this hashtag is for you. Accompany the hashtag with the photo of your cute dogs to get everyone drooling over them. You are certain of getting a number of likes. As they say, “there is power in numbers.”

  • #Puppylife

It is so amazing how you can highlight the growth journey of your puppy from when its tiny to when it is a full-grown dog. This hashtag gives the opportunity to let others in on the excitement and struggles of having a puppy.

  • #Puppyoftheday

When you have a litter of puppies, you have the opportunity to celebrate one puppy a day. Use this hashtag to highlight which puppy made it to the ‘puppy of the day’ position. You can also mention the name of the puppy.

  • #Instadogbreeds

There are so many dog breeds. From huskies to bulldogs, every breed is unique. Use this hashtag to appreciate the breed of your Instagram dog.

  •   #Instadogofficial

Why don’t you go a little step further and have an official Instagram page for your dog? If you do, you will need this hashtag to show that the page is actually your dog’s official page.

Dog Hashtags by Breed

While we don’t have a complete list yet, here are some hashtags for popular breeds of dogs

Pug Hashtags

Pugs are adorable and are known as the clowns of the canine world. If you are proud of your pug, here are some hashtags you may want to include in your post.

#Pug #Pugs #PugsOfInstagram #PugLife #PugPuppies #Puggle #Pugly #PugLovers #PugsDaily #PugPuppy #PugNation #PugWorld #PugsOnInstagram #PugStyle #Pugstagram #PugLove #PugOfTheDay #PugsLife #InstaPug #ILoveMyPug

Days dedicated to dogs

Show your dog a little love by celebrating them on these official dog days. They may not understand it but they sure will appreciate it.

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