Top Hashtags for Fish

We have curated a list of fish hashtags on social platforms like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok that will help you with your social media scheduling and to connect to others throughout social media who love fish.

Fish are fascinating creatures and can make fantastic pets. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, making them a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of tranquillity and beauty to their home or office.

In today’s digital age, social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter have become the go-to places for fish enthusiasts to share their passion, aquarium setups, and even the adventures of their aquatic friends.

If you have a pet fish or an aquarium that you’re eager to showcase on social media, this blog post is perfect for you. We’ll explore popular fish hashtags and tips to help you grow your social media presence and connect with fellow fish enthusiasts.

Instagram Account for Fish

Creating an Instagram account for your fish or aquarium is an excellent way to share your passion with others and even earn a side income through sponsorships and partnerships.

To get started, set up an account dedicated to your fish or aquarium, and be sure to post high-quality photos and videos consistently. To increase your visibility and reach, you can use relevant hashtags, collaborate with other fish enthusiasts, and engage with your audience in the comments section.

Fish as Influencers

While it may sound unusual, fish can also become influencers in the pet and aquarium industry. By showcasing your fish or aquarium on social media, you can attract the attention of aquatic businesses looking to partner with you for product promotions and reviews.

Some well-known fish influencers include:

  • @aquariumcoop: An aquarium store that shares educational content, beautiful aquarium setups, and a variety of fish species.
  • @buceplant: A company specializing in aquatic plants, sharing impressive aquascaping designs and tips.
  • @solidgoldaquatics: An account focused on goldfish care and breeding, sharing the journey of their beautiful goldfish.

You can also grow your fish or aquarium’s social media presence to become an influencer in the aquatic community.

How to Grow Your Fish’s Instagram Account?

To increase the reach and visibility of your fish’s Instagram account, follow these tips:

  1. Plan your content: Plan your posts based on your fish or aquarium’s unique features, such as their species, color, or the design of your aquarium.
  2. Use high-quality photos and videos: Captivating visuals are essential on Instagram, so make sure to post clear, well-lit photos and videos that showcase your fish or aquarium.
  3. Use popular fish hashtags: Hashtags are crucial for reaching a wider audience on Instagram. Use relevant and popular fish hashtags to increase your visibility.
  4. Engage with your audience: Respond to comments, like, and share content from other fish enthusiasts to build a sense of community.
  5. Create a unique hashtag for your fish: As your fish’s following grows, create a dedicated hashtag for your fish or aquarium. This will make it easy for fans to find all your posts in one place.

Popular Fish Hashtags on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter

To increase the visibility of your fish or aquarium posts, use these popular hashtags on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter:

General Fish Hashtags:


TikTok Fish Hashtags:


Instagram Fish Hashtags:


Fish Hashtags by Species:

Here are some popular hashtags for specific fish species:

Goldfish Hashtags:

#goldfish #goldfishofinstagram #fancygoldfish #goldfishunion #goldfishkeeper #goldfishcommunity #goldfishlove #goldfishpond #goldfishtank #goldfishworld

Betta Fish Hashtags:

#betta #bettafish #bettafishcommunity #bettasplendens #bettasofinstagram #bettalove #bettalife #bettaaddict #bettacommunity #bettatank

Cichlid Hashtags:

#cichlid #cichlidsofinstagram #cichlidtank #cichlids #cichlidcommunity #cichlidkeeper #cichlidspecies #cichlidworld #africancichlids #cichlidlovers

Guppy Hashtags:

#guppy #guppies #guppyfish #guppylove #guppybreeder #guppys #guppytank #guppykeeper #guppyofinstagram #guppycommunity

Angelfish Hashtags:

#angelfish #angelfishtank #angelfishofinstagram #angelfishcommunity #freshwaterangelfish #angelfishkeeper #angelfishlovers #angelfishhobby #angelfishbreeder #angelfishworld

Aquascaping Hashtags:

#aquascape #aquascaping #plantedtank #plantedaquarium #natureaquarium #aquariumplants #aquaticplants #aquascaper #aquariumdesign #aquariumlandscape

Days Dedicated to Fish

While there aren’t as many dedicated fish days as there are for dogs, you can still celebrate your fish on these occasions:

June 8th: World Oceans Day – A day to appreciate and promote the conservation of our oceans and the aquatic life that inhabits them.

November 3rd: National Fish Tank Day – A day to celebrate the beauty and tranquility that fish tanks bring to our lives.

Final Words:

Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter are used by millions of people worldwide, making it challenging to get noticed on these platforms initially. Using popular and relevant hashtags will help you increase your visibility and connect with fellow fish enthusiasts.

Moreover, engaging with other fish accounts and consistently posting high-quality content will help you grow your fish or aquarium’s social media presence, paving the way for potential partnerships and sponsorships within the aquatic community.

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