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Daily hashtags: what to try this week

Did you know that social media is no longer about exploiting the society? It is more about the services you provide to the community and, therefore, daily keywords are as important as any other tool you use for your online business promotions.

First, what are daily hashtags?

Daily hashtags are fundamentally a pound sign along with one or several keywords. People use them like indexes for easier and faster finding of information. Perhaps, you have already encountered hashtags on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the other popular social media sites. If you have never encountered one, you just need to go to a social media site and type in “#” without the quotes and the name of your country or city – for instance #Manchester. Wait for something to pop up.

Now, why are hashtags important in business promotion?

Most recent studies have proved that properly used hashtags provide twice the needed engagement. Some hashtags are applicable to specific industries while others trend around natural disasters, political and social events. However, that does not mean that you cannot use a hashtag to start a conversation for the day.

Actually, each day of the week has its unique hashtags that you can use to reach your target audiences easily. Most of the hashtags have turned popular over time and people use them across all the social platforms. Here are some of the hashtags.

Monday hashtags

#Monday #MondayMotivation #MondayMood #MeatFreeMondays #MondayMorning #MusicMonday #MondayBlues #MeatFreeMondayRecipe #MondayMiracle

Perhaps, you have already noticed something about the hashtags. Each of them starts with the letter “M” and the words have no spaces. Spaces are not applicable because they defeat the use of keywords. Again, the hashtags are inspirational quotes that motivate people for the week. If you own a restaurant #MeatFreeMondayRecipe or MeatFreeMondays would help you start the week.

Tuesday hashtags

#Tuesday #CharityTuesday #TransformationTuesday #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMorning #TuesdaysThoughts #TuesdayTips

Most people are likely to start their Tuesdays with #TuesdayTips and that might be for an important reason. The hashtag is likely to provide your potential customers or clients with helpful and relevant information. Start with helpful information that will touch the emotions of your target audiences. If you are a hairstylist, start with tips that would help prevent bad days. Some tips might be funny, but they might be helpful to your target population.

Wednesday hashtags

#Wednesdays #WednesdayWisdom #WayBackWednesday #WomentoFollow #WednesdaySelfie #Humpday #WildlifeWednesday #WayBackWednesday #WednesdayMotivation #WednesdayWorkouts

#HumpDay. Wednesday is the day most people look bored. The leading posts for Wednesday highlight small pleasures like “Words” and “Wine” but skew towards high-octane motivation. Most people also post about #WednesdayNight. In other words, people are usually ready for breaks.

Thursday hashtags

#Thursdays #ThursdayTestimonial #ThrowabackThursday (#TBT) #ThankfulThursday #GoodDeeds #ThursdayMusic #ThursdayThoughts #CoffeeThursday #TravelThursday #ThursDate #TestimonialThursday

For a very long time, Thursday has stood as the most popular day for hashtags. People are always ready to break the silence with #ThrowbackThursday Images and videos. Even though most of them expect lots of traffic on this day, the cost-per-click also increases and that continues into the weekend.

Friday hashtags

#FridayFollow #FollowFriday #FridayFunDay #FlowerFriday #FridayNights #ScienceFriday #InterviewFriday  #FridayFeeling  #FeelGoodFriday

Friday is an expensive day for social media adverts. The cost-per-click increases as people start the weekend, but still, Friday is among the best days for social media posts. If you are in need of a revamped or new social media strategy, you should start posting before Thursday – on days like Wednesday and Monday. You will get a large number of views at a reduced price. Things are also likely to get more expensive for people posting things about #FridayNightLights, #Fridaynight and #FridayNightDinner.

Saturday hashtags

#SaturdaySelfie #SaturdaySwag #SaturdayNight #SuperStarSaturday #SaturdayEvening #SocialSaturday #SuperStarSaturday

On Saturday, most people are likely to sleep most of the time. And perhaps, you did not know that the cost-per-click on Saturdays is similar to the one you expect on Friday. People are usually eager to post about their #SaturdayRide #SaturdayStyle and #SaturdaySwag. Generally, all people enjoy #SaturdayFunday. #SaturdayLove is among the most creative hashtags, which encompass arc of amor. The hashtag highlights romantic relationships, self-care tips such as bubble baths.

Sunday hashtags

#ScienceSunday #SundaySelfie #SundayFunday #SelfieSunday #SundayBlogShare #SundaySchool #SundayBrunch #NFLSunday

Each Sunday, people are likely to post over 5-million #SundayMorning posts. Even though advertisers are more prolific, studies show that Sunday is not a good day for posting your adverts. It is among the most expensive days to post your adverts on social media. Your business’ ROI might be higher on another day of the week with more or equal traffic and with a lower cost-per-click. Trying other days is therefore important.

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