Popular Hashtags for Cake Lovers - Hashtag Definitions

If you are an influencer or a blogger who has to be seen every day by thousands of users or are new and want to establish your account on Instagram, then hashtags undoubtedly play a very vital role.

Hashtags are what would seek attention to your account and your pictures or products or services that you are trying to sell. So, today we would talk about the sweet tooth that cakes give us and the related hashtags, how can we use them, and how can we get people to view our posts about the goodness of whipped cream on top of their cheesecake or a new decorating technique that you are letting the audience to know about.

Why Hashtags?

What crucial part do hashtags play, you must be wondering? People want to check out the posts about cake and not view what hashtags you are using. Nevertheless, there are millions of posts on Instagram, 95 million to be exact. That’s a more significant and robust competitive market that you have stepped into.

With these many posts daily, Instagram uses the algorithm of hashtags to get the specific content to the right audience, which is looking for that particular content.

It is not that if you input a hashtag, you are guaranteed millions of followers overnight. You might not be a successful blogger with the use of hashtags, but you can certainly be sure that the right kind of audience can find your page. Although it would be helpful to know which are the right kind of hashtags, we will break your bubble and let you know that there are no perfect hashtags. But, a twist and mix of related hashtags can help you to reach your audience.

What hashtags are useful to use?

The most basic hashtag that you would like to use is #cake, which currently has more than 80 million posts under its name. Most people are attracted to the hashtag that is most commonly used, which is safer to say that it’s the wrong practice. We really would not want to use the most generic hashtag like #cake.

The reason behind this is that this hashtag has more than 80 million posts battling for the attention of viewers. We really don’t want to get into such a competition. The posts are under the competition for really high views, and if you are a new entrant in the sweet market on Instagram, then this generic hashtag won’t work for you. The basics is either the usage of a mixture of hashtags or use a more specific hashtag like maybe #chocolatecheesecake with 103k posts is more of a sweet spot.

Hashtags with 10000- 500000 posts are what should be preferred. This step ensures that your post gets the visibility that it deserves. There are chances that less competition would make you land in the topmost category of the posts, and that would fall more visitors to your post.

Below are a few ways through which you can search for your wanted hashtags.

Follow your competitors

One can easily search for the related hashtags in their competitor’s profile. If your life revolves around cakes, then explore what the trending hashtags in the market are. Use them for your posts and check if there’s any difference that it makes. Just check out the other accounts and how they are managing the engagement on their posts with the help of hashtags and mirror that to your account.

Related Hashtags Feature

Many of the bloggers won’t know about this feature. After you search for a hashtag on Instagram like, for example, #cake and the top, you will find an option named Related. These are the hashtags that are best related to your main word, so check these out and choose the hashtags that best suit your post and which has lesser posts to its name. Whatever hashtags would work for you, put them in your post from this tab for better visibility.


When you open the search tab, don’t search for anything and go through all the posts that are featured in it. Mostly, they would be related to your maximum search results like, in your case, all the hashtags related to the cake would be displayed on this explore page. Check out, these posts are trending on your topic, and these would be filled with hashtags that you would want to use on your posts.

Number of Hashtags

The maximum number of hashtags that you can use on your Instagram is 30 hashtags and almost ten hashtags on your Instagram story. Well, this does not always mean that you have to use all the limits of your hashtags, or maybe you can even do that. It depends totally on your post.

A few experts recommend that you should not fill up your post with too many hashtags as it can put doubt on your viewer that you are a spammer. On the other hand, it is also suggested that more are your related hashtags; more engagement on your post.

So, this is entirely your choice of how many hashtags you want to use on your post. With the hit-and-trial method, you will be able to test what kind of hashtags intensity suits your campaigns. Initially, if you are new to the app, try seeking the attention of the audience through 30 hashtags, and after that, maybe try reducing the intensity.

Where to put these Hashtags?

There is no such rule as to where you can put these popular hashtags. You can directly encapsulate the space after a number of Instagram posts with all the cake hashtags at once.

Or you can put the hashtags while breaking the line inside the caption itself. There is no right or wrong way to do that. So, use them freely. Here are some of the top trending hashtags for a cake that you can add to sweeten your Instagram posts.


Tips for Choosing the Best Cake Hashtags

  1. Be specific: Focus on the type of cake you’re showcasing. For example, use hashtags like #chocolatecake, #redvelvet, or #cheesecake to attract an audience interested in those specific flavors.
  2. Use niche hashtags: Less competitive hashtags can help you reach a more engaged audience. Opt for two-word or three-word hashtags like #cakeartistry or #bakingaddict to stand out.
  3. Incorporate event-related hashtags: If your cake is for a particular event, use relevant hashtags such as #weddingcake, #birthdaycake, or #babyshowercake to reach people interested in those occasions.
  4. Experiment with location-specific hashtags: Include hashtags related to your city or region, like #nycbaker or #cakesoflondon, to connect with local cake lovers and potential customers.

Here are some popular cake hashtags to use on Instagram and TikTok. Feel free to mix and match these hashtags based on your content and target audience:


General Cake Hashtags (2023)

#cakes #cake #cakedecorating #cakesofinstagram #cakestagram #chocolate #instacake  #cakedesign #chocolatecake #buttercream

Birthday Cake Hashtags

#birthdaycake #birthdaycakes

Chocolate Cake Hashtags

#chocolatecake #chocolateeruption #choccake #chocolatecakelover

Cake Flavor Hashtags:

#vanillacake #redvelvetcake #carrotcake #cheesecake #lemoncake #fruitcake #coffeecake #blackforestcake

Cake Decorating Hashtags:

#cakeartist #cakeboss #cakedesign #caketopper #fondantart #buttercreamcake #cakedecorator #cakemaster #cakepainting

Event-Related Hashtags:

#weddingcake #birthdaycake #babyshowercake #graduationcake #anniversarycake #engagementcake #christmascake #eastercake #halloweencake

Location-Specific Hashtags:

#nycbaker #cakesoflondon #torontocakes #sydneybaker #pariscakes #losangelescakes #cakecommunity


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