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Popular Hashtags for #Coffee Lovers on Instagram and TikTok in 2023

It might be a brand new year, but our collective love for coffee has certainly not taken a hit. If you’re looking to show your appreciation online, here are the best hashtags for coffee lovers, and coffee hashtags in 2023 to add to your social media post.

It doesn’t really matter what corner of the world you reside in. Every restaurant, café, gas station and even airports, sells coffee. It doesn’t here, as the world has taken to Social Media to declare its love and appreciation for this magnificent brew.

Admittedly, coffee is part of the American culture, which is easily reflected in its booming market. Its rich taste and strong flavour somehow as to life and gets us through the day of an average working American. It’s no wonder we tend to go through at least three cups a day.

If you’re a blogger, social media influencer or brand looking to reach a wider audience and grow organic followers across social networks, coffee could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Instagram is the most effective marketing tool that most bloggers, brands, and writers are using to grow their businesses.

However, just posting a high-quality photo of the drink on your feed won’t do the trick. Like anything else, you have to take it a step further, if you really want to increase engagement, grow your followers and get more likes and comments. This is where relevant hashtags come in.

It’s one thing to use trendy hashtags, it’s another to use relevant ones. Below are a couple of things to keep in mind to grow your audience and increase engagement.

Use Less Competitive Hashtags

Using less competitive hashtags is extremely popular, especially if you are new on Instagram and are still trying to grow your following. To help identify less competitive hashtags, try being more specific. In other words, specify the type of coffee you’re drinking.

Another way to ensure that you are using less competitive keywords is to use two-word or three-word hashtags.


Use the hashtags to introduce yourself and your stance on coffee. Granted, you would most likely use the hashtag, #coffeelover or #coffeeaddict. Yet, as popular as the aforementioned hashtags may be, they are very competitive.

To reduce competition, use words that are synonymous with the term coffee or use plural forms. Always aim to use words or sayings that are less, popular but still relevant.

Use location Specific Hashtags

The takeaway from using specific hashtags is their relevance. For instance, you want to use hashtags that specify the location you bought the coffee from. Was it a shop, a bar or a coffee house?

Specificity makes it easy for people to find your posts.

Describing the café

Coffee lovers are ardent with the coffee houses that have the best cup of joe. Hashtags can be used to appreciate these places or just to show where you have your regular morning drink. You can describe the lace using hashtags like:

Sometimes, you can find out whether the location you are at has a promotional hashtag that you can use to tag them. They will easily spot you from the crowd of photos.

Describing the coffee

There is a whole range of types of coffee to choose from. If you’re into strong beverages for a lazy morning, the espresso will serve your needs. If you love just a little more milk in your drink, then the latte is ideal for you. Really, there is plenty to go around. Descriptive hashtags include:

Describe the feeling

Coffee lovers can attest to the fact that it gives them a certain feeling besides just the caffeine. It is no wonder that some cannot do without a cup of coffee in the morning. Coffee is universal; whether it’s poured over a first date or served at a business meeting. So, there is always an excitement that it brings about. You can describe the feeling with hashtags like:

You can go a step further and use a meme just to show how coffee makes you feel.


TikTok Coffee Hashtags

Best copy and past coffee hashtags on TikTok to help get you on the For You Page:

#coffeetok #coffeetiktok

Instagram Coffee Hashtags

Best copy and past coffee hashtags on Instagram to help get you on the Explore Page:

#instacoffee #instagramcoffee #coffeegram

Describing The Day

There is so much activity that can be done over coffee. Dates, meetings. Furthermore, there are days dedicated to coffee drinkers. Hashtags to use in describing such days include:

Morning Coffee Hashtags

#morningcoffeedate #morningcoffeebreak #morningcoffeeclub #morningcoffeemusic #morningcoffee #morningcoffeespot #morningcoffeeoutside #morningcoffeewithaview  #morningcoffeeviews #morningcoffeeview #morningcoffeetime #morningcoffeethoughts #morningcoffeefix #morningcoffeetime #morningcoffeewalk #morningcoffeeroutine #morningcoffeetalk #morningcoffeephoto #morningcoffeee #morningcoffee #morningcoffee #morningcoffeebrew #morningcoffee #morningcoffeerun #morningcoffees #morningcoffeetravel

Coffee Break Hashtags

#coffeebreak #coffeebreakmoments #coffeebreaks #coffeebreakfast #coffeebreakgrooves #coffeebreake #coffeebreaktime #coffeebreakcafeteria #coffeebreak #coffeebreakers #coffeebreakdoodles #coffeebreakconnections #coffeebreakplanner #coffeebreak

#coffeedate #coffeebreak #coffeeoftheday #coffeetime #daywithcoffee #NationalCoffeeDay

You can use these hashtags to make your posts more appealing. It is also important to remember that people don’t like spammy hashtags. In order to avoid this, make you’re your hashtags are relevant to your photo.

Hashtags are so useful in getting more followers. And they are quite simple to use. All you need to do is #hashtag these popular hashtags for coffee lovers.

Coffee Hashtag Days of The Year

If you are looking to show your appreciation of the coffee bean over the course of the year, here is a list of dates to mark on your social media calendar:

September 29th – National Coffee Day (#NationalCoffeeDay)

October 1st – International Coffee Day (#InternationalCoffeeDay)

Popular Types of Coffee

The most popular types of coffee include:

Espresso Hashtags
A strong and intense coffee that is usually served in small portions

#espresso #espressolove #espressoshot #espressocoffee #espressomoment

Latte Hashtags: A coffee with a shot of espresso mixed with steamed milk and topped with a little foam

#latte #lattelove #lattemacchiato #lattesofinstagram #latteart

Cappuccino Hashtags: A coffee with a shot of espresso, steamed milk and foam, with equal parts of each.

  • #cappuccino
  • #cappuccinolove
  • #cappuccinocoffee
  • #cappuccinotime
  • #cappuccinoaddict

Americano Hashtags: A coffee made with a shot of espresso and hot water, resulting in a less strong and more diluted flavor

  • #americano
  • #americanocoffee
  • #americanobrew
  • #americanomoment
  • #americanolove

Mocha Hashtags: A coffee with a shot of espresso, steamed milk, chocolate syrup and topped with whipped cream

  • #mocha
  • #mochacoffee
  • #mochalove
  • #mochaholic
  • #mochalatte

French Vanilla Latte Hashtags: A coffee with a shot of espresso, steamed milk and vanilla syrup

Iced coffee Hashtags: A coffee that is brewed strong, cooled and served over ice

Macchiato Hashtags: A coffee with a shot of espresso marked or stained with a small amount of milk

These are some of the most popular coffee drinks, and they each have their own unique flavor and style. The popularity of these drinks may vary depending on the region and culture, but they are all loved by coffee enthusiasts all over the world.

Keep in mind that these are only some of the popular hashtags for each type of coffee, and the actual list can change over time as new hashtags emerge and others become less popular.

Types of Coffee Bean Hashtags

Not all coffee is the same. There are 4 main types of beans: Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa. Perhaps you want to show your knowledge of the bean with your hashtags.

Arabica Bean Hashtags
Known for its mild and sweet flavor, Arabica beans are considered the highest quality coffee beans. They are grown at high altitudes and have a low caffeine content.

#arabicacoffee #arabicabeans #coffeearabica #arabicacafe

Robusta Bean Hashtags
Robusta beans have a stronger, more bitter flavor than Arabica and contain more caffeine. They are typically grown at lower altitudes and are used in many instant coffee and espresso blends.

#robustacoffeelove #coffeerobusta #robustabean #robustapremium

Liberica Bean Hashtags
This is a less common type of coffee bean that is grown mainly in the Philippines and parts of Africa. It has a strong, woody flavor and is often used in blends.

#libericacoffee #libericabeans #coffeeliberica #libericacafe

Excelsa Bean Hashtags
Excelsa beans are similar to Liberica and are used in some espresso blends. They have a fruity and slightly sour flavor.

#excelsacoffee #excelsabeans #excelsaliberica #excelsacafe #excelsacoffeelove

Hashtags for Coffee Brands

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters Hashtags (25% off your first month’s coffee subscription order.)Coupon Code: SAVE25


Starbucks Hashtags

Official Social Media Accounts:




#starbucks #starbuckscoffee

Costa Coffee Hashtags


Dunkin Donuts Hashtags

#dunkindonuts #dunkin

McCafe Hashtags

#mccafe #alldaybreakfast

Tim Horton’s Hashtags


Gloria Jeans Hashtags

#gloriajeans #gloriajeanscoffees

Nescafe Hashtags


Folgers Hashtags

#folgers #folgerscoffee

Keurig Hashtags


Maxwell House Hashtags

#maxwellhousecoffee #maxwellhouse

Nespresso Hashtags


Eight O’Clock Hashtags


Gevalia Hashtags

#gevalia #gevaliakaffe #gevaliacoffee

Peet’s Coffee Hashtags


Lavazza Hashtags

#InstaLavazza #LavazzaCoffee

Caribou Coffee Hashtags


KOA Coffee Hashtags (Save on Kona Coffee when you buy a Triple-pack!)


In conclusion, Coffee hashtags are extremely popular and are ideal for growing your following on Instagram. However, simply copy-pasting just any hashtag that seems to be trending won’t work. Do your research, and use specific two-word hashtags that can easily be found among the search results on Instagram.

Note: Please keep in mind that Instagram’s algorithms change frequently, and the hashtags that work today may not work tomorrow. Keep experimenting with different hashtags to find the ones that work best for you.

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